Rustic and Refined Love


Do you follow West End Salvage on Facebook? Have you been to the West End Architectural Salvage & Coffee Shop in Des Moines? Have you watched “West End Salvage” on the DIY channel? If not, finish reading this post and then do all of those things. The guys in the shop are as nice as can be. Rae was mesmerized by seeing a TV star and was granted permission to tour the work shop. We had to drag her out of the store. She was trying to move in.

Letters framed above the bed-- with a heart!

Letters framed above the bed– with a heart!

Mr. R&R visited the store before Valentine’s Day and surprised me with scrap metal letters from West End Salvage. Love them! I had a visual in my mind of the letters hanging above our bed, but I wanted to add a little more definition.  Mr. R&R built me frames to surround each letter. My frame is a feminine egg shell design trim and he chose a more masculine clean lined trim to build his frame. He made simple work of cutting the trim with his miter saw (I’m terrified to touch it). He then stained the frames to match, per my request. I love the clean lines of the frame around the rustic letters.

The highlight of my “love letters” gift is that we hung the letters and frames together. Mr. R&R trusted me to use the hammer and the level. That is true love.


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