Honey Do List

Black Walnut

Mr. R&R made it home safely with the trailer of goodies from the farm (only a minor delay due to a flat tire). He spent the better part of the day unloading the trailer and cleaning the wood. Spiders and a dirty garage are two of his biggest pet peeves, so the trailer was bug bombed last night and dirt was removed from all the wood before it could come in the garage.

I can only imagine what our neighbors thought as they drove by and saw wood scattered across the entire driveway. The black walnut is simply beautiful and I think it looked liked sizzling bacon.

Black Walnut or Bacon

Organizing the wood in the garage would be a large undertaking on its own, but Mr. R&R grabbed a few extras too: a extremely rustic trunk, his father’s tricycle, a smaller dresser, a full size bed, milk cans, more egg baskets, wagon wheels, a stool, and wood logs (the cut boards weren’t enough wood).

Projects for the Mrs. Black walnut neatly standing up Even more wood

My plan was to fill up his honey do list, but he found things to fill up my list too. Where should we start?


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