Rae + English Riding Lessons = New End Tables

DIY, Woodworking

Confession time—I enjoy an evening at home on the couch, watching tv, with a drink by my side. Mr. R&R made me perfect end tables for the family room that support my evening routine. Each end table has a unique finish and the height is a nice compliment to the arms of the couch. I have no fears about spilling my glass of wine (or can of Miller Lite- I’m keeping it real here) as I set it down.

End Table with Red Lamp

End Table with Red Lamp

Before the creation of the previously mentioned perfect end tables, the couch was flanked by, hmmm…how do I say this nicely, affordable, yes, let’s go with that, Ikea Lack tables (bargain price of $9.99). Don’t get me wrong, I worship Ikea. I enjoy the challenge of assembling furniture using illustrated instructions. I’m also cheap, hence the reason why I continued to use these end tables for 10 years. Disclaimer for parents- if your child teaches the dog equestrian tricks two things will happen: 1) the dog will attempt to jump over an end table and 2) the Ikea end table will break. The tension in the house was thick. The table that cost me $1 a year was broken. A lamp as well. I was crushed. Rae was scolded, but more importantly, I was without an end table!

Lack table- before it was broken

Lack table- before it was broken

Mr. R&R took a deep breath and headed to his wood shop. Mr. used the clean lines of the Ikea Lack table as inspiration for the new end tables. He made the new tables taller to compliment the couch height and also longer to allow more room for a lamp and glass of wine. I decided to add a hint of flair to the table tops by using a gel medium and blue painters tape to create lines on the table. The gel medium acted as a barrier against the stain creating the multi-colored table top.  I let go of my inner control freak and created a different pattern on the top of each table. I topped off the tables with new red lamps from Home Goods.

Custom finish end tables

Custom finish end tables

From chaos came beauty. I love my end tables and I hope you to do.


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