Big Ol’ Barn Door

Barn Wood, Facelift

On a whim, I stopped by She-Tique Boutique this weekend and left with a full load (more on that another day). The coffee-bag wrapped ottoman inspired me to create an additional sitting area in the family room. I paired the ottoman with an accent chair that I purchased years ago on clearance (I love marked-down dings because 1) they add character 2) I’m cheap and 3) Rae and Rose will ding it all up anyway).

Mr. arrived home and realized that he now had the perfect location to hang the beautiful big barn door he acquired last fall from Barnwood Creations (it is too pretty to sit in the garage). He rummaged through the garage and located the pulley he purchased at Junkstock. Then he worked his magic hanging the massive door (with the help of my dad).

I love the look! Where will I put my Christmas tree though? I can worry about that the day after Thanksgiving.



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